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Table Tennis Manager is multiplayer table tennis game and also an app that stands out from the crowd. Really, if you take a look at the whole bunch of apps available at the app stores, you will find literally hundred table tennis related apps, ranging from simple scoreboards to various table tennis game simulations. Table Tennis Manager, on the other side, is somewhat genuine. It provides you the unique opportunity to manage your own table tennis club or at least to take an insight into managing a table tennis club.

That being said, in your own virtual table tennis club, you will serve as Table Tennis Manager. After short and simple registration formalities, you will have a starting squad of 5-6 players and 3 young players. You will also have 10,000 virtual euros at disposal. And the next steps are up to you.

A team of players should consist of 5-7 adult players so that you can rotate them. Each player will have some skills which can be improved over time. They will gain skills by coaching, training and by playing. Top shape requires some time and work unless you purchase a player with high average abilities. Stamina, for instance, is one of the keywords immanent to every player. It is also a parameter you will have to care of since games and daily training routine will decrease it. In order to maintain players’ stamina, you will need to create line-up and training program wisely. There are other ways for boosting stamina and holiday and pauses between rounds are some of them. Hiring stamina coach as a staff member will have benefits as well as leg work training and leg work skills.

Apart from being a coach and club manager, you will be a virtual CFO who takes care of the club’s funds and financials, too. Therefore some finance skills will be appreciated. Sources of income are various. They include different sponsorship agreements, spectators, player trade, loans and rare random situations. During the season, unexpected events may occasionally occur and some of them are funny:


Table Tennis Manager Message Detail

A rather inconvenient situation.


If you are going to play the game for a while, you should start expanding the hall immediately. Larger hall means more spectators, more tickets sold and thus more income.

A developer behind the Table Tennis Manager was paying attention to details. It is obvious from the very beginning. Take a look at the First Steps video-tutorial he made for the Table Tennis Manager novices:



The game back-end is complex with plenty operations, variables and options and yet the game is very easy to play. The interface is clean, simple and appealing:


Table Tennis Manager Menu Interface Line-Up League

Table Tennis Manager Interface


There is a community built around the Table Tennis Manager through the Table Tennis Manager Forum. In the Questions to the Game section of the Forum, you will find useful advice and tips. Do yourself a favor and read it first, it will save you a lot of time.

Apart from the Forum, Table Tennis Manager dedicated Facebook page and Twitter account are available as well. Of course, part of the Table Tennis Manager forum in the German language offers a lot more information, since German version of Table Tennis Manager, called Tischtennis-Manager, has been around and improving for seven years. And since April 2017 Table Tennis Manager is finally available in English. Now it should get the attention it deserves.

Nevertheless, consume responsibly and be careful: it may be addictive.



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