TSP integration into VICTAS

TSP as a brand will be incorporated into VICTAS during the spring 2021. What does it mean for the TSP table tennis products?

Image source: https://twitter.com/victas_inc

On October 1, 2020, VICTAS Inc. announced that its former parent brand TSP will become an integral part of VICTAS. Therefore, production of the table tennis equipment under TSP brand has been ceased by the end of the October 2020 and TSP branded products will be available only while their current stocks last.

In the future, some products from the current TSP assortment will continue to exist rebranded as VICTAS, while all other items will be discontinued.

For example, there will be no TSP Regalis, Agrit and Rise rubbers series anymore. Ventus Soft, Spectol 21 and Super Spin Pips 21 will also vanish.

Regarding blades, TSP’s Reflex and Astron blades series will be completely abandoned as well as TSP pre-made bats. In addition, VICTAS Inc. will discontinue several other TSP blades like underrated Altero, interesting Trinity Carbon, Gaia II, Galleon…

On the other hand, VICTAS rebranded SWAT blade, one of the TSP’s bestsellers, will look like this:

Image source: victas.com

TSP Ventus rubbers: Super Ventus, Ventus Speed, Ventus Spin and Ventus Basic will continue their existence as Victas Ventus series: Ventus Extra, Ventus Stiff, Ventus Limber and Ventus Regular.

Similarly, TSP Curl P-1R Soft will become Victas Curl P1V, TSP Curl P-2 Soft will become Victas Curl P2V and so on.

Complete list of the TSP table tennis blades and rubbers that will be tuned into the VICTAS brand is available at: http://bit.ly/VICTASrebrandedTSP

Victas rebranded TSP table tennis blades and rubbers list

TSP Yamato company was recognizable throughout the table tennis community as a honest company, offering high quality equipment at affordable prices. TSP’s moto: “Total Support for Players” shows the company’s commitment, therefore Victas Inc.’s decision to stay on that course is no wonder.

If you are interested to know more about the TSP company’s history, visit: https://www.victas.com/special/ja_jp/tsphistory/index.html (currently available in Japanese language only).

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