TIBHAR Table Tennis Catalog 2017/2018

TIBHAR table tennis catalog for 2017/2018 is available now!


TIBHAR Table Tennis Equipment Catalog 2017/2018

Tibhar Table Tennis Catalog 2017/2018


Click on the image above and explore TIBHAR 2017/2018 table tennis equipment offering!

The highlights are Tibhar Nuytinck Hybrid and Tibhar Kinetic Speed blades from new Hybrid ZC series. Both Hybrid ZC blades are made of five plies of wood and two layers of Zylon fiber. A good news is that Tibhar Lebesson, 2016 European men’s singles Champion Emmanuel Lebesson’s blade, is back in production.

Tibhar Aurus Prime and Tibhar Aurus Select rubbers, as the latest additions to the Aurus family, are now among other Tibhar best-selling rubbers, such as Tibhar Evolution and Q series.

And new high-quality Tibhar textile collection, so far the best Tibhar shoes collection, a wide range of competition and training balls, as well as other equipment and accessories, should not be missed, too.




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