Butterfly Rozena Rubber (VIDEO)


Butterfly Rozena rubber cover

Butterfly Rozena


Butterfly, famous Tenergy table tennis rubbers manufacturer, recently released a new inverted rubber named Rozena.

According to the Japanese company, Rozena is reasonably priced table tennis rubber “developed in the pursuit of tolerance”. Therefore, in terms of characteristics, performance and price, Butterfly Rozena should suite wide range of table tennis players below the professional level. Butterfly also described Rozena as “a rubber to improve”.





In their latest High-Tech addition, Butterfly implemented existing, proven proprietary technologies: High Tension top sheet technology (available since 1997 and Bryce rubber) and Spring Sponge technology (available since April 21, 2008 and Butterfly Tenergy series). This way Butterfly managed to reduce rubber production costs, maintaining at the same time Rozena performance and quality level.


Rozena black and red High Tension rubber sheets

Butterfly Rozena rubber sheets


Rozena sponge is the same color as the actual Butterfly logo – rose, hence the rubber name.

Sponge hardness/density is 35° Butterfly scale (Tenergy 05 sponge hardness is 36°) and is available in 1.7, 1.9. and 2.1mm thickness.


Butterfly Rozena black High Tension top sheet and rose Spring Sponge

Butterfly Rozena black rubber and rose Spring Sponge


Top sheet has been newly developed for Rozena, with different shape: pimples structure, their dimensions and arrangement.


Butterfly Rozena red High Tension top sheet and rose Spring Sponge structure

Butterfly Rozena pimples and sponge structure


Any table tennis player looking for forgiving yet somewhat affordable Butterfly rubber that balances performance, quality and price may rely on Butterfly and consider Rozena. This Japan made rubber suits best close to the table and mid-distance play. Rozena is not meant to be cheaper Tenergy 05 alternative, although it shares some properties such as pimple geometry with Butterfly Tenergy 80. Price-wise, Rozena will be Butterfly’s competitor to a large number of the latest generation table tennis rubbers made in Germany by ESN and designed for plastic 40+ ball.


See Rozena in the latest Butterfly rubber matrix:


Butterfly Rubber Matrix. Butterfly Rozena rubber compared to Butterfly Tenergy 05, Tenergy 80 and Tenergy 64 in terms of spin and speed.

Butterfly Rubber Matrix 2017


Following video shows how Rozena performs in practice:




Butterfly Rozena is officially out for sale since April 21, 2017. That is exactly the same date first Tenergy rubber was unveiled nine years ago. Was it symbolic or coincidence, time will show.


Retail price is around 45EUR/50USD/5000JPY.



Images credit: butterfly.co.jp


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