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Table tennis community was rather surprised recently when Andro announced that their best-sellers Rasant rubbers will be not only replaced with brand new inverted rubber series called Andro Rasanter, but will be discontinued, too. Andro claim Rasant rubbers will remain on the ITTF LARC list, though. However, they skipped to say “only as long as the stock last”.

Table tennis rubbers from Rasant-series are still very popular and much appreciated among the table tennis players. Reasons for such popularity are their playing characteristics and durability. Rasant Turbo and Rasant PowerSponge were released not a long after Rasant premiere, following by Rasant Grip, PowerGrip and Beat rubbers, designed for a new plastic ball. And Andro Rasant Navigator is very handy tool for selecting your ideal Rasant rubber, depending on your strokes and your game:

Fortunately, last month Andro unveiled new, Rasanter rubber family. These rubbers have appeared in the latest issue of Andro Catalog 2017-2018 . Andro Rasanter are next generation German rubbers, that according to Andro, surpass Rasant rubbers in every aspect, even if used with 40mm celluloid ball.

Andro stated:


Andro Rasanter FAQ: Why will Andro Rasant be discontinued and removed from the market?

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Basically, Rasanter rubbers are divided according to the surface profile into V – velocity and R – rotation. Rasanter V profile rubbers have thinner pimples arranged in such farther structure that maximize catapult effect (with sponge hardness 42° and 47° ESN scale). Rasanter R profile rubbers have thicker/wider pimples arranged closer to maximize contact area with to ball (with sponge hardness 37°, 42°, 47° and 50° ESN scale). Like in Rasant, Andro Rasanter sponge is green. In both V and R profiles sponge is available in 1.7mm, 2.0mm and for maximum catapult effect there is 2.3mm thick Ultramax sponge.


Andro Rasanter V Andro Rasanter R pimples design structure arrangement comparison

Andro Rasanter R and Rasanter V pimples comparison


Following Andro TecTalk with developer Bjoern Helbing provides more information regarding Andro Rasanter series:





Andro also issued informative free e-newspaper The TT Reporter dedicated to the plastic 40+ ball, issues it has caused and how Andro managed to overcome them with the Rasanter line.

Similar to the Rasant Navigator tool, Andro created useful Rasanter Configurator to make Rasanter rubber selecting process easier. And F.A.Q. section at the address: offers most important information about Andro’s latest addition.


Andro Rasanter rubbers represent the very latest in ESN development. These table tennis rubbers feature newly formulated rubber and sponge. Both rubber and sponge are designed to overcome main disadvantages of plastic 40+ balls: the lack of spin and speed. Rasanter rubber surface is now thinner, non-glare. New sponge cell structure is different in comparison to Rasant series, too.





As you can see, Rasanter rubbers should suit wide range of players up to the professionals, as well as wide range of play, depending on the characteristics of chosen Rasanter rubbers, player’s game and skills.


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Andro Rasanter table tennis rubbers retails for up to 50EUR/5500JPY.



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